Coral Poker Can Pay Their Winners in Cash

October 28, 2016 August 1, 2018 Paul Butcher
October 28, 2016 by Paul Butcher

Coral PokerIf you play poker online regularly for real money or enter any number of different types of poker tournaments online then you will not need us to tell you that the range and variety of different payment methods is always changing.

However, one of the main benefits of you signing up to and becoming a real money online or mobile poker player at Coral Poker is that you are now going to be able to cash out and get paid all of your winnings in cold hard cash!

For you to do so you simply have to apply for a Coral Connect Card and then by doing so whenever you have made a cash out from your real money Coral Poker site account you can then pop into the nearest Coral Betting Shop and get paid out in cash on the spot over the counter!

You will also be able to top up your Coral Poker site account too in cash at those Betting shops and Betting Offices without having to pay any additional fees or chargers either!

You really will find it an absolute breeze to apply for and be given a Coral Poker Connect Card, for all that you will need to do is to visit your local Coral Betting office and fill a form on the spot and you will then be issued with that card.

In fact, for anyone who does wish to apply for one of those instant payment cards Coral have put together a very informative video that will show you just how easy it is to use that card, and that video can be watched below, so please sit back and watch that video to learn more!

Coral Official

Keep in mind also that it is not only the online poker site that you can make use of your Coral Connect Card at for all of their other gambling sites available online can be accessed, funded and you can also cash out your winnings from those sites in cash too.

Coral own not only one of the busiest and most popular online and mobile poker sites but they are famed for their online sports and betting sites, their online casino sites and you can also play bingo online or on your mobile devices too!

So if you want it play any type of bingo games or play all manner of different poker games or even have a bet on any sporting event of play all manner of different casino games then do make sure you sign up to all of them via their website, as one single log in will give you access to all of their many different types of online and mobile gambling sites too!

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