Top10Poker Websites are proud to have a number of great editors and contributors who are guided by our Chief Editor Paul Butcher, working to bring all the latest news from the poker industry. The Top10Poker Websites team all have a background either in gambling or have a in-depth knowledge of poker trends and games.

Below you find a complete list of all the current Top10Poker Websites authors working with us at You will be able to see more about the author and also posts published by clicking on their name.

Top 10 Poker Websites Authors

Paul Butcher Author

Paul Butcher is a works as professor during the day and currently contributes to write articles for during his time off. Visit Paul’s google+ page here

Kate Gonda Author

Kate is fairly new the whole poker industry, with a background in finance she enjoys playing online poker during her downtime. She will be providing a insight into the UK industry as well as happenings in the online world

Doug Ramirez Author

Doug is our American guru, he will be keeping us informed with latest poker tournament news and goings on in the USA

Carolyn is our legislation expert, with a background in law she is able to cover the current state of poker around the world

David Walker Author

David is our resident 'down under' contributor, letting us know what is going on in the southern hemisphere and in asia