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paysafecardThere are plenty of online gamblers who would much prefer not to have to give out their debit or credit card or even bank details when making a deposit into an online casino site, and for those of you out there who want to have the maximum security when funding your casino account we would like to present to you paysafecard.

paysafecard offer a pre-paid voucher type service which will allow anyone over the age of 18 to purchase from a local convenience store a voucher which can then be used to deposit funds, in real time, into any casino account online.

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You will not be charged anything other than the face value of the voucher you purchase and as such this is a very cost effective method for anyone looking to make deposits into any casino account quickly and easily whilst protecting their privacy whilst having the maximum security.


When you visit any store which sells paysafecard vouchers you simply request one and hand over the amount of cash you want loading onto the voucher, and in around 30 seconds the voucher will be printed off and handed over to you.

You then simply need to log into your chosen casino account, launch the banking interface, select the paysafecard option enter the amount of the voucher along with the unique code printed on the front of the voucher and your credits will then appear in a matter of seconds in your casino account.

There are a few things that you do need to be aware of if you choose to use paysafecard as you chosen deposit option, the first being that it is a one way banking option and that means you should always have an option available to you for withdrawing any winnings you are lucky enough to win at the casino site you are playing at!

You will not be able to withdraw winnings back to a paysafecard voucher. Also it is best practice that you hold onto the voucher once used as you may be requested to prove you purchased the voucher when making a high valued withdrawal.

You will still be required to provide any casino with the usual identification documents if you have not already supplied them if requested by the casino, and that will enable the casino to comply with their “Know Your Customer” legal requirements and to verify your account.

Benefits of Using paysafecard

If you have been looking around for a safe and secure way of transferring money into an online casino site account then we think you will find the flexibility and convenience of using paysafecard appealing, and below are a few of the benefits of you opting to use this banking option.

No Chance of Over Spending – One of the main advantages of using a paysafecard voucher is that you can only ever spend the face value of each voucher, and as such that may remove the temptation of you over spending when gambling online. Over spending is something that you may be tempted to do if for example you choose to use your debit or credit card as the way of funding a casino account online.

Safe and Secure – As each paysafecard voucher has a long unique code printed on the front of it that ensures any vouchers you do purchase are secure and only you as the voucher holder will be bale to spend them online. However, do treat them as cash as you will need the voucher and code number to be able to redeem them online.

No Additional Fees or Charges – You are not going to have to pay any additional fees or charges when purchasing a paysafecard voucher form most retailers and as such this is one of the most cost effective methods you can use for funding any casino or gambling account online.

Multi-Currency Deposits – You will also find that it is possible to fund a casino account in a different currency than the one you purchased the paysafecard voucher in. Simply enter the code number and the amount of the voucher when making a deposit into a casino site and if that account is in a different currency then the banking interface will make the required currency conversion for you.