Doug Polk Reacts After Being Implicated With partypoker Scandal

November 8, 2021 November 8, 2021 Paul Butcher
November 8, 2021 by Paul Butcher

Doug PolkDoug Polk recently found himself at the center of criticism in the wake of the Fast Forward software bug controversy on partypoker.

A poker player who initially accused the online poker operator of rigging regular players in the fast-fold variant, penned an open letter to Polk via the discussion website Reddit.

This came about after the Upswing Poker founder praised partypoker for “putting their best foot forward” to resolve the issue. Polk earlier contacted Rob Yong to try and get the problem fixed.

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Justin Liu, who interacts on Reddit via the username “nostalgic_goldfish“, has hit out at Polk for praising partypoker’s reaction to the scandal. Liu isn’t convinced that partypoker is actually doing something, because according to him, the problem has been going on for several months already, without any remedy. The regs are continuously being put at a disadvantage, losing large sums of money.

Liu has accused Polk of hearing only one side of the story and challenged him to be more objective and fair in analyzing the situation before releasing any statement or comment on the issue.

Polk Reacts

In a recent tweet, Polk shared that he stumbled across Liu’s post on Reddit and it quite got on his nerves. Polk defended himself, saying he only did what he could to help get a resolution to the problem. He said he remains committed to fighting for player rights and protections and he was glad that partypoker acted promptly when he brought the issue to their attention.

The controversy came to light when Liu posted evidence of partypoker’s alleged scamming, accusing the operator of intentionally rigging its fast forward cash games for their own benefit. The regular players were the ones most impacted by the bug, resulting in massive losses of up to five figures. Liu claimed that the affected players were left in the dark as to whether they would ever be compensated.

Liu exposed the alleged scam to spread awareness and get some help from members of the poker community, and encourage high-profile pros to use their platforms to get the issue fixed.

Polk was among the first to extend his help, and now he’s being depicted in a bad light. Partypoker has also remained tight-lipped on the matter. It only released a Discord server announcement, saying that the seating logic of their Fast Forward games has been optimized. The problem has reportedly been resolved already after Polk contacted Yong.

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