Matusow Gets Criticised For Robbing People With His YouStake Markup

September 22, 2021 September 22, 2021 Paul Butcher
September 22, 2021 by Paul Butcher

Mike MatusowMike Matusow has won four World Series of Poker (WSOP) gold bracelets and is looking to add to his collection at the 2021 WSOP which starts on Sep 30 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Matusow who is nicknamed ‘The Mouth’ got a mouthful on social media recently due to the markup odds he placed on his YouStake package.

YouStake is one of the popular poker staking websites that allows poker players to raise funds for their bankroll in return for giving their backers a percentage on their wins. Poker staking websites like YouStake get a lot of action during big poker tournaments like the 2021 WSOP.

Matusow like a number of poker players put up a package allowing stakers to financial his bankroll for all $10k events that he will participate in during the 2021 WSOP. His package deal on YouStake said he was selling 50 percent of all his $10k WSOP events or higher for a 1.5 markup.

He also added that he was giving 25 percent free for all smaller events to any staker who buys 50 percent of all his $10k or higher events. When a top poker player like Matusow who has over $9.7 million in career prize money gives stakers a chance to get in on some of the action at the WSOP, it usually gets a big response.

Players Criticize Matusow

He did not get a response on social media to his YouStake package and most of the feedback was not good. Players criticised Matusow for offering such a high markup and one of them tweeted that Matusow was robbing stakers because they did not understand much about the staking process and Matusow was exploiting them.

Matusow does have a few events at a markup of 1.3 but most of the big events including the 2021 WSOP Main Event have a markup of 1.5. The criticism came in fast with some saying they would rather light their money on fire than back Matusow.

Phil Hellmuth who is a good friend of Matusow also got involved and tweeted to promote Matusow’s package on YouStake. Hellmuth who has also sold some of his action in the past on YouStake asked stakers to back Matusow as he was a long term winning bet and a fun sweat.

Hellmuth also got flak for promoting Matusow and his high markup prices on YouStake.

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