Luke Vrabel Gets Banned on Twitter Over GoFundMe Cancer Controversy

February 28, 2023 February 28, 2023 Carolyn Dutton
February 28, 2023 by Carolyn Dutton

Luke VrabelSummary

  • Luke Vrabel accused cancer patient Jami Lafay of being a scammer
  • Lafay set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for her medical bills
  • Twitter locked Vrabel’s account for abusive behavior

Twitter has banned poker pro Luke “SlayAbides” Vrabel for abusive behavior. Vrabel who has a reputation for frequently attacking women on social media, was denied full access to his account after being reported by poker journalist Jennifer Newell.

Vrabel earlier clashed with Newell regarding the GoFundMe drive set up by cancer patient Jami Lafay who was accused by Vrabel of scamming the poker community.

Vrabel’s Scammer Accusation Prompts Twitter Ban

Jami Lafay’s cancer story has been the subject of debate on Twitter in recent days, with Todd Witteles, the founder of, warning US poker fans and players not to fall for Lafay’s false claims. Vrabel was among those agreeing with Witteles, telling the poker community that Lafay was making up stories to scam people out of tens of thousands of dollars.

Lafay set up the fundraising drive to collect $50,000 for her medical bills, but there are claims she may be faking things out to recover her gambling losses. Lafay has strongly denied the accusations thrown against her, and while some went on to attack her for allegedly deceiving the community, many came to her defense, including Newell who donated to the GoFundMe drive.

Poker pro Nadya Magnus also junked Witteles’ claims, saying she personally saw Lafay’s medical records showing that she has cancer. The documents were provided by Lafay herself upon Magnus’s request.

Newell reported Vrabel’s account for abusive behavior and after reviewing her report, Twitter locked Vrabel’s profile, prohibiting him from tweeting, retweeting, or liking content. The social media platform also said it had earlier received multiple complaints about Vrabel’s behavior and if he continues to break the rules, he might get his account suspended.

Even Vrabel’s female friends aren’t immune to his offensive remarks, with @thegroupie revealing that the poker player also attacked and name-called her. Vrabel blocked her on Twitter, the same thing he did to many other people who criticized him for his behavior.

WSOP Banned Vrabel for 5 Years

Vrabel was previously banned from the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and all Caesars Entertainment venues after an altercation at the Colossus event in 2017. Vrabel went on to finish in 9th place for $80,000 but following the ban, he stated that he would never play at the WSOP again.

The ban went lasted for five years and Vrabel only returned to the WSOP in 2022.

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