New Poker Players Must Pay Attention To The Pitfalls Of Winning

February 17, 2021 February 17, 2021 Paul Butcher
February 17, 2021 by Paul Butcher

Pitfalls of winning at poker

A lot of poker pros like playing with new poker players as it makes it a lot easier to win at the table. Most of the time, new poker players end up losing but there are times when new players get on a winning streak.

We focus on the pitfalls that new poker players can encounter once going on a winning streak.

One of the reasons why some poker players struggle to stay in the game is because they are unaware of the dangers that come with winning. When we’re at the top, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all that’s happening around us. The urge to live in the moment and just savor the success is just too strong that we tend to forget that everything is just temporary.

If you currently feel you’re at the height of your poker career, or if you’ve recently gone on a winning streak, be mindful of these risks.

#1: Being Complacent

Even if get on a winning streak, you cannot afford to stop evaluating your play. Celebrate your success, but don’t stop learning. Continue to examine your weak points and work harder to turn them into strengths.

If you stop learning just because your current strategy works for you and yields positive results, chances are, it will limit your capabilities and will prevent you from becoming a better player. Eventually, you’ll get left behind.

#2: Being Overconfident

This usually happens if a player initially goes on a heater while in the middle of a real money poker game. Say for example you’re winning the early stages of the game, with your chips quickly piling up. You become hyper-aggressive, you can’t slow down, you just want to go home with those huge winnings. You think no one could get in your way.

At this time, your opponents, who are probably more experienced than you are, are studying your style. They would now adjust their play and carefully pick their spots. One minute you’re the dominant player, and the next moment you’re busted – simply because you became overconfident.

#3: Wrong Lessons Learned

This might surprise you, but winning can also give you the wrong lessons. Always remember that poker involves an element of luck. If you made the wrong judgment but ended up winning the hand, that doesn’t mean it was the right thing to do. You were just lucky.

Take note of these three main risks of winning in poker so you’ll stay on track for your poker goals. Avoid falling into the trap or you’ll end up being out of the game before you even know it.

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