Dan Colman Claims Sean Perry Scammed Him Of 7 Figures

May 11, 2021 May 11, 2021 Carolyn Dutton
May 11, 2021 by Carolyn Dutton

Dan Colman and Sean PerryAmerican poker pro Sean Perry is currently embroiled in an alleged daily fantasy sports scam, almost on the level of or even worse than the Mike Postle cheating scandal.

The allegations came from Dan Colman, who claimed Perry cheated on him while they were engaged in a high-stakes daily fantasy sports bet with fellow poker player Sam Soverel.

In a lengthy post on Twitter, Colman shared how he began to suspect that Perry could be doing something unscrupulous which resulted in him losing seven figures.

Colman, who won the 2014 WSOP Big One for One Drop tournament, said Perry and Soverel were initially engaged in daily fantasy sports head to head match ups; Perry wanted more action and so Colman joined in and took Soverel’s side.

The betting involved a pool of six players, and while the first three were regular players, Colman said the other three appeared to be random accounts without any prior playing history. Those three would set their lineups differently and that’s when Colman began to feel that something wrong was happening.

He consulted Aaron Jones and Ryan Daut who are experts on daily fantasy sports regarding his suspicions, and both reviewed the lineups. Jones and Daut both agreed that cheating did take place, and it’s highly likely that it was Perry who controlled those three accounts.

Colman then contacted Perry and showed him the evidence. He demanded a refund on everything he lost since the bets started and also told him he wouldn’t be paying the amount he lost on the final day.

Perry refused to issue a refund and claimed that Colman was only doing it to get away from his liabilities. Colman made an arbitration offer with Tom Marchese as the arbitrator to which Perry agreed. However, Perry made a last-minute U-turn and declined to have any bets arbitrated.

Colman Warns Against Doing Business With Perry

Colman began and ended his post with a warning — he urged everyone not to do business with Perry or even gamble with him because there is “very high probability” that he is a scammer. He also warned people to stay away from persons associated with Perry.

Colman’s revelations gained a lot of comments, and some of the replies appeared to support his claims that Perry has a dubious character, though others also blamed Colman for allowing himself to be victimized by someone, despite being already aware of his cheating tendencies. Doug Polk agreed that Perry is “completely insufferable“, but Haralabos Voulgaris thinks Colman is only showing the attitude of a “losing gambler“.

Perry has yet to comment on the accusations against him.

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