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December 3, 2018 December 4, 2018 Paul Butcher https://plus.google.com/116893384630351018637
December 3, 2018 by Paul Butcher

Key Areas Before Going Professional

There’s millions to be won playing poker these days as poker operators are looking to compete with each other by putting up bigger guarantees and better promotions. There have been some great success stories told worldwide of how a no-name poker player became a millionaire overnight by having a great run at the poker table.

These success stories have spurred millions of poker players around the world to consider a full time poker career. Some of these players are interested in live poker games and are willing to travel extensively to do so while many prefer the online poker scene which allows them to play from the comfort of their homes.

While these success stories are great to hear, it is important that you carefully analyse a number of factors before you decide to jump into a full time poker career.

Three Key Areas You Must Analyse Before Jumping In

We take a look at three key areas that you must study carefully before you make this important decision.

1. Breaking Down Your Bankroll

This is going to be a key when it comes to your success or failure as a poker player and that is irrespective of whether it is online poker or land based poker.

Players need to keep careful track of their bankroll and decide on a number of factors which include: do I play games with low or medium buy-ins, how much should I spend each month on events and tournaments, and how much am I willing to lose before calling it a night.

2. Breaking Down Your Winnings

It is going to be pretty difficult for one to calculate their poker winnings especially considering the fact that they are still amateurs. However, this is important as it will give you a gauge as to how much money you should be bringing in and will provide you with real time feedback.

If you are playing online poker, there are a number of software programs that will help you to do this. This is usually calculated by comparing the big blinds lost or won based on every 100 hands played. If you are playing the live poker scene, then you will have to put in a little more effort to get this done.

3. Breaking Down Your Confidence

Playing poker for a living is going to take a lot confidence as you are likely to experience more highs than lows at the poker tables. If you don’t feel confident enough, then you should probably spend another 6 months playing poker on the side and then do a re-evaluation once the six month period is over and you have more experience under your belt.

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