Important Things to Remember When Shifting from Online to Live Poker

December 10, 2020 December 10, 2020 Paul Butcher
December 10, 2020 by Paul Butcher

Key Points To Consider When Moving Online to Live Poker

While live and online poker essentially follow the same rules and principles, both differ when it comes to the experience and the environment, especially when you’re an online player who is transitioning to live action.

A switch from the virtual felts to land-based casinos requires some adjustments, as the live setting has several features that an online environment lacks, such as players getting the opportunity to physically read their opponents. Additionally, there are also differences in terms of the blind structures and game speed, as well as the types of players you’ll compete against.

As an online player, here’s the things you must put into consideration when planning to shift to live poker:

#1: Poker Tells Exist in Live Poker

Live poker players usually take note of the behavior of their opponents while playing, this is because facial expressions, body language and even verbal communication often show some hints into what goes on in a player’s mind, and the strength of their cards.

You can’t do this in an online environment because what you’ll see are avatars making their moves with the aid of computer. So try to hold yourself together while at the table and avoid giving clues as much as possible, as your opponents might just be silently observing you.

#2: Live Games Are Slower

One important aspect you must also remember is that games are much slower in a live setting compared to online poker games. But this should not distract your play. Even if you’re used to playing at a faster pace, learn to maintain your focus and keep an eye out for the relevant details as this will give you the opportunity spot loopholes in your opponents’ strategy, and work them out in your favor.

The same goes with the blind structure. Live poker has a slower structure, so be ready to adjust your strategy from aggressive pre-flop play to more post-flop play.

#3: Live Poker Games are Not as Tough As Online Games

When you play at casinos, expect the games to be a lot easier in competition when compared to online games. This is especially true in cash games, though some tournaments can also be tight.

So don’t be surprised if you see live players adopting a loose strategy while playing. You might as well try it and see if it works for you. Other differences that you must take note are the bet sizes and pre-flop raises.

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