Online Poker USA – Top 10 US Poker Websites

usaIf you are based in the US and love playing poker we would advise you to read through the following guide as it is going to enlighten you on just which online poker sites are licensed and legal for US based poker players to play at and which licensing jurisdictions actually license such sites.

We will also be introducing you to many different types of poker game variants and poker tournaments that you are also going to be able to legally play and enter online.

We will be giving you lots of different inters in regards to what you should look out for from any poker room and poker
site you are thinking of becoming a player at.

Top American Poker Rooms

BetOnline Poker

up to $2000

Americas Cardroom

up to $1,000

SportsBetting Poker

up to $2500

Ignition Poker

up to $100

Due to some State by State laws you do need to know where you can play poker online, as you will never want to run into any kind of difficulties as a US based player, and we have several tips that you should familiarize yourself with to ensure you always are assured of having a first class poker playing experience online.

We are also aware that if you have not yet signed up to a poker site or US player friendly poker room there may be quite a number of questions you are looking for the answers to, and further down this guide we have a range of questions first time American poker players ask and are seeking the answers to and have also listed below the answers to those questions.

One final thing to note is that we have also put together a comprehensive range of US poker site reviews throughout our website, and we would suggest you take a look through some of those reviews as by doing so you can compare what each poker site has to offer you and that will make selecting one to play at much more easier.

Plus, you are also invited to make use of any of the US player exclusive poker pokers we are going to be presenting you with throughout our website too.

Licensing Jurisdictions

When you do want to start playing poker online it will be dependent on just which US State you are living in or visiting in regards to just which licensing jurisdiction will be overseeing and regulating the poker sites you can legally play at.

Currently there are three US States that have embraced fully online gambling, and as such there are two different licensing jurisdictions that vet each poker site and then issue gaming license to poker sites based n three of those US States.

With that in mind please do pay carefully attention to the following section of this US online poker player guide, and always make sure you only ever play at poker rooms and poker sites that are displaying the logo and gambling licenses of the respective gaming commission or licensing authorities mentioned below depending on which US State you are in and wish to play online poker from.

Failing to follow our advice could see you playing at a poker site that has no safeguards in place in regards to you seeking help and assistance if you do every experience any problems playing at an online poker site.

New Jersey Casino Control Commission – If you live in new Jersey or the neighbouring US State of Delaware then you are going to find that you can legally play at any online poker et that has been granted a full gambling license by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission.

Those sites will therefore be run and operated to the very highest of industry standards and you will be assured that every single poker game or online poker tournament you take part in is offering 100% fair and random games, and you will of course have no troubles getting pad your winnings speedily too.

Nevada Gaming Control Board – If you are living within the State boundaries of Nevada then you will be pleased to learn that there are now numerous online poker sites that have all applied for and have been granted a full online gambling license be the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

That is of course the very same gaming control board that licenses, regulates and oversees the running of all licensed gambling venues and casinos throughout Nevada and as such all sites that have obtained and have been granted one of their licenses is very highly regulated.

Costa Rica – If you live in any other US State other than the three mentioned above then you will be more than welcome to sign up to any online poker site that hold a Costa Rica license to operate.

There will be quite a number of different poker sites offering you all manner of poker games and poker tournaments licensed and regulate din Costa Rica and as such you will have no difficulties finding such a poker site online. However, do make sure you take a look at our range of approved poker sites licensed in Costa Rica as we have picked all of them out based on their track records.

Curacao – One final online gambling licensing jurisdiction that has issued licenses to quite a number of online poker sites that are available to play in most US States is Curacao, and those sites will allow you to fund your poker site accounts using US Dollars and will also allow you to play in any of their poker games or poker tournaments using US Dollars too.

Please do take a look through each of our reviewed and top rated online poker sites that we have handpicked for our US based website visitors as we have been able to negotiate some exclusive and high valued bonus offers at each of those poker sites!

US Player Friendly Poker Networks

Not only are you going to have to ensure that any online poker room or poker site you sign up to and end up playing at holds a fully online gambling license as issued by the respective licensing authorities and gambling commissions mentioned above, but you are also going to have to ensure that the poker network the poker sites are part of is US player friendly too.

With that in mind we have put together below an overview of which poker networks are available to US poker players, and each of the following ones are going to be offering you a comprehensive range of poker games and plenty of online poker tournaments too.

By you making the very wise decision of signing up to any of the following poker networks by registering as a poker player at a site on those respective networks you are going to find you will be able to make deposits, play and also withdraw all of your winnings in US Dollars, as opposed to you being forced to have to make deposits into your poker site accounts in any other currency, which is important as there will be no currency exchange rate fees to pay!

888 NetworkUSA Players not welcome – One of the longest established online poker networks that you will find being made available to you in some US States is the one offered by 888. That poker network offers players a huge variety of different poker game variants and one thing you will soon discover if you choose to sign up to it is that there will always be a huge number of players available of you to take on.

That is due to the 888 Poker Network being one of the most utilized news by many online poker sites, so there will always be some big money pots up for grabs when playing at such a site!

Party Poker NetworkUSA Players not welcome –  Another poker software platform that has been given the green light and approval from land based gaming regulators in many US States is the Party Poker one, in fact Party Poker have joined forced with suite a number of land based casino operators and as such you will find their gaming network and poker software is accessible at a number of fully licensed and legal poker sites throughout the USA.

There will of course be the option for you to play the Party Poker supplied poker software for free at any site that utilizes it and as such you should have no problems testing it out fully in a no risk playing environment which will allow you to get to grips with all of the unique option settings available to you!

Poker Stars Network – USA Players not welcome – One final poker network and poker software platform that you will find you can utilize to play an enormous and very diverse range of different poker games and also access a huge and ever growing range of different poker tournaments is the Poker Stars Poker Network and their very unique yet highly advanced poker software. Much like he poker networks listed above you are always able to test it out for free!

Live US Poker Games in Play

To give you an immediate insight into just how highly advanced online poker software is, below we have a small video clip of a live online poker game in full flow. You will be best advised to take a look at this video clip as it will show you just how easy it is to play poker online.

Also keep in mind that if you want to test the waters so to speak and play poker online in a free play and no risk fashion, all of our featured US player friendly poker sites will allow you to sign up to their respective sites and play at their free play poker tables, which is a great way to get to grips with the unique features offered by each poker sites poker software.

How to Access Poker Games in US

You are never going to be restricted to use just one type of software or poker network if you are living in the US and want to start playing poker online, and to give you plenty of ideas in regards to just how you are going to be able to play your favourite poker games online we have a listing below of the many different ways you can access lots of different online poker sites.

Keep in mind that the range of poker games and also the types of different poker tournaments that will become available to you when utilizing any of the following poker software types and poker playing platforms will vary, and it is important that you select one that will be offering you exactly the types of tournaments and poker game variants you are looking to access online!

Downloadable Platform – By playing at an online poker site on which you have a fully downloadable poker software platform available as a US based online poker player you will tend to find you have many additional settings available to you and as such you will find it quite easy to tailor your own unique playing sessions when accessing such a poker software platform.

However, you will have to wait a few minutes whilst the software does download and install onto your chosen computer, but in our opinion that wait will be worth experiencing so do consider using this type of poker playing environment!

Instant Play Platform – Probably the most utilized type of poker software platform is a no download or instant play one as it is also known. The one main attraction for US based players of using such a platform is that you are going to be able to play poker instantly on any computer or laptop and will not have to wait whilst the software downloads and installs.

Plus, you will find the instant play poker software platforms have just as many poker game variants and poker tournaments on offer as a fully downloadable poker site and those games and poker tournaments load into any type of web browser attached to your computer or laptop!

Poker Apps – More and more US based poker players have discover the joy of playing poker on a mobile device and you may be surprised to learn there are actually two suite different ways that you are going to be able to play poker games on a mobile tablet device or any type of smart phone or touch screen enabled mobile phone.

The first way is by you simply download a poker app onto you device, the size of all of our featured poker site apps are suite small so you will not have to wait very long for them to download and install onto your mobile device, and once done you can then instantly play poker from anywhere you have an internet or Wi-Fi connection on your chosen mobile device for free or for real money.

Mobile Web Poker Platform – The other way in which you are going to be able to play poker on some mobile device is by utilizing the mobile web browser attached to those devices, however just be aware that if your mobile device has a fairly small screen then you will not find it as easy to use this type of mobile poker platform a you will using a poker site app!

US Poker Games Available

Choice in regards to the poker game variants you can play online is huge, and that is actually one of the main reasons why so many poker players want to start playing poker online from within the US instead of having to pay a visit to a land based venue offering poker games and poker tournaments!

As you may not have yet experienced playing poker online, below we will give you a few examples of the huge array of different poker game you will b bale to access as soon as you sign up to any of our featured poker rooms and poker sites.

The games on offer will of course come with a large variety of different staking options and as such you are going to find plenty of different game rules in place in regard to no limit games, pot limit games and in fact every type of game variant and rules you can think of.

Please do consider testing out any of the following poker game listed below, for they are not only available as real money cash ring games, but you will also be able to access them at the free tables offered by our handpicked US player friendly poker sites, so you will be able to get in as much playing experience a you need to master playing each of the variants listed below.

Texas Hold ’Em – In the US the most played poker game is of course Texas Hold Em Poker and it will not surprise you to learn that it is just as popular with online players, and when playing online you will find you can take part in plenty of poker tournaments which use that game as the base game for those tournaments.

You will be able to play no limit and pot limit version of Texas Held ‘Em poker at any of our featured poker sites, and with thousands of players logged into all of our top rated US player friendly site you are certainly going to have plenty of opponents to play against at any time of the day or the night.

Omaha Poker – There are plenty of additional poker game variants that are also available to players based in the US and another one which we think you may get to like due to the unusual format of the game is the game of Omaha Poker. It may take you a little while to fully master playing this variant, but once learnt you will probably want to play it all of the time if you like very strategic poker game variants!

Omaha High Low – You will be playing for two pots when you play the game of Omaha High Low poker, for when playing that game when you reach the showdown stage of the game it is the player who has the highest ranked poker hand and also the player who has the lowest ranked poker hand that will win an equal share of the pot.

So if you are a US based player who wants to have double the chances of winning when playing poker games online then this is certainly a variant you should consider playing, and you will find it is available each every single one of our approved US player friendly poker sites, so you will not have to look very hard to find a site that has it available and on offer!

5 Card Stud – Many of the first time US based online poker players will opt to play a poker game they may be well versed at playing, and there are two variants that you may have played at home over the years. The first of those variants which you are always going to be able to play online for free or fore real money is the game of 5 Card Stud Poker which will be available online with many different table stakes limits in place.

7 Card Stud – The second poker game variant that you may already be very familiar with is the game of 7 Card Stud Poker, please do consider playing this poker game variant if you know fully how to play it as by doing so you will not have to then spend day or weeks learning how to play the game optimally, which you will have to do when learning to play some of the other variants listed above and below!

H.O.R.S.E. Poker – Please do take a look at the many different poker game variants that all of our US based poker playing website visitors can access and play at all of our top rated and approved poker sites, for there are actually some very unusual poker games which we think you may love plying.

Playing the H.O.R.S.E. Poker game variant will see you playing lots of different poker games all in one game of poker online, so if you have mastered playing all of the variants listed above then this game really will be of interest to you and you may do very well when playing it online!

Razz Poker – The final poke game variant that all US based players are going to find being offered to them when they decide to start playing poker online is the Razz Poker game variant. You should have hours of fun and winning opportunities if you choose to play this particular variant online, however the one thing that you will need to be aware of is that this variant is much like the game of 7 Card

Stud Poker, however it will be the player who has the lowest raked hand that will be the winner of the pot!

US Player Poker Tournaments

Some mega amounts of cash can be won when you take part in any of the huge number of different poker tournaments that are readily available morning, noon and night at all of our approved and fully licensed and regulated US player friendly online poker sites and poker rooms.

As there is such a diverse range of differently structured poker tournaments available to US based poker players please do take a good look through the following listing as by doing so you will find out how each of them have been structured and also how you can take part in any of them online.

Sit n Go’s – If you want to play some fairly rapid fires type of poker tournaments then you should seriously consider getting stuck into some of the Sit n Go poker tournaments that you will find on offer at a very large percentage of our featured poker sites.

When you register to take part in a Sit n Go poker tournament you will find that they will go live and start once enough players have also registered to take part in them, and there are only usually a small number of places available in each of them so they will be starting every few minutes at the busier US online and mobile poker sites!

Multi Table – A multi-table poker tournament which for reference you will find being offered to you at every single one of our US player friendly online poker sites will have a huge number of entrants taking part in them.

However, at each stage of the game players getting knocked out of the tournament will see the number of tables in play being reduced and as such if you make it to the final table you will then win one of the cash prizes on offer dependent on which position of the tournament you make it to!

Head to Head’s – US online poker players are going to be able to play against just one other poker player when they log into all of our featured and top rated US player friendly online poker site or even our featured US mobile poker sites too, if they decide to get stuck into playing one of the Head to Head poker tournaments offered at those sites.

That does of course mean that you are going to have a even chance of winning those type of online or mobile poker tournaments, but keep in mind the size of the pots you will be playing for will be very modest in size due to their just being two players paying into each pot available!

Freerolls – You will want to play in some of the freeroll poker tournaments available online, for there will be no entry fee to pay when you do sign up and register to take part in these type of poker tournaments online.

However, as there is no cost involved in playing in such a tournament what you will find is that there will be a huge number of other people taking part in them, so your chance so winning will be suite low, but by taking part in them you do have a chance of winning a cash prize at no risk what so ever!

If you are unsecure as to whether you will enjoy taking part in online poker tournaments or you are worried that you may not yet have acquired the necessary experience in play such tournaments then jeep in mind the freeroll tournaments mentioned above.

All of our rated online US player friendly online poker sites are going to let you take part in lots of no risk poker tournaments, so out have nothing to lose in regards to taking part in those tournaments, and who knows, with some luck in playing off your online poker tournament entries you may just
win one of the cash prizes attached to those tournaments!

Frequently Asked Questions

This final part of our guide to licensed and legal US online poker site is dedicated to getting you the answers to a range of different questions that we do know many poker players will be seeking, if they have not yet experienced the delights of playing poker online.

All of the questions listed below are answered fully, and as such do have a good read through all of them as you are bound to find those answers of interest. Also do consider taking a look at our individual US poker site reviews as you will find a plethora o additional information in regards to
what each of those sites has to offer you too.

You will find that when you sign up to any of our top rated US player friendly online poker sites then you will be able to play on both their online poker playing platforms and also on any mobile apps or mobile web compatible poker platforms those sites have on offer, if they do offer a mobile poker playing platform that is!

Your online or mobile log in details will work on both platforms and as such that does of course mean you will not have to register again to use the other type of platform!

We have spent a great deal of time picking out and selecting just which poker sites to showcase to all of our US based website visitors and with that in mind you should have no problems what so ever being able to play poker at our featured and approved poker sites!

One thing that we are aware of and one thing that you as a player may also be more than aware of is that when you sign up to some online poker sites that cater for US players you will not have the option of picking form a very large range of different depositing options, and as such you may be limited in regards to what banking options you can pick and choose from.

However, it has been found that by using a pre paid debit type card which you can buy form a lot of retail outlets you will have a much greater approval rate and success rate when using such a card to make a deposit, so please do consider using such a deposit option for a hassle free way of playing real money poker online!

We are pleased to let you know that every single one of our featured online poker sites are going to allow you to find your poker site account using a range of different banking options, and one of the main attractions of selecting one of our featured sites is that your deposit you make into your account will be done so in US Dollar.

Some online poker sites will force you to have to make deposits in a different currency other than USD and those sites should always be avoided as there will be lots of charges and extra fees you will have to pay when not only depositing into those poker sites but when you wish to make a withdrawal too!

It will be dependent on just which method you have chosen o get paid your winnings by in regards to just how long you are going o have to wait to get pad out your winnings at any US player friendly online or mobile poker site, so always pick a method that will allow the poker site you have played at and have won at that will allow that site to pay you in the very fastest possible time frames!

US based online and mobile poker players do have a huge range of different poker tournaments that they can take part in and enter, both mobile and online US player friendly poker sites have plenty of tournaments up and running throughout the day and night.

If you are living in the US and want to find out just when any poker sites poker tournaments are up and running then visit the poker sites websites and take a good look through the poker tournament schedule as that will enlighten you on how every poker tournament has been structured and designed and when it will be going live too.

Competition is of course very strong between online poker site that offer US players a range of different poker games and poker tournaments and a such you are going to find there are some very high valued sign up bonuses and ongoing bonuses that you are going to be able to claim when you sign up to any poker site online.

However, as part of our selection process for picking out US player friendly poker sites we have made sure that every single poker room and poker site we present to you have its own unique poker rewards scheme in place. As such based on the level of real money poker playing action you give any of our featured US player friendly poker site you will be earning additional comps and bonus credits too.

The licensing commissions and gaming authorities insist that both free play poker games and the real money version of those game much play and pay in the exact same way except when playing for free you will be winning demo mode credits, unless you play in a freeroll poker tournament!

There are not that many brand new poker game variants being launched online or at any mobile poker sites and as such you may not find a large number of brand new poker game variants being offered to you.

However, all of our featured and top rated online poker sites will of course give you access to every type of poker game you can think off and you may occasionally find some brand new types of poker games available to you at some of our selected and approved US player friendly online poker sites!

One final thing worth knowing is that even if you are living in the US you are going to get access to just as many very high valued poker site bonuses players based in any other country of the world, and all of our featured and approved US player friendly poker sites will be giving you access to both huge and generous new player welcome sign up bonuses and also a range of ongoing bonuses too..

So look around and do make use of those generous poker bonus offers as soon as you possible can do as they are all there for the taking and you can claim them all with no delays too!