WPN Finally Acknowledges Loopholes Exposed By Joe Ingram

March 14, 2018 August 3, 2018 Carolyn Dutton
March 14, 2018 by Carolyn Dutton

Poker personality Joe Ingram released a series of videos on the alleged cheating and loopholes at Americas Cardroom (ACR) which is run by the Winning Poker Network (WPN).

These videos were released via his popular YouTube channel and evoked a response from the poker community but nothing came from WPN or ACR.

Ingram Points Out Multiple Flaws With ACR

ACR and WPN has been silent since Ingram came out a month ago with videos on his YouTube channel criticizing the cardroom for turning a blind eye to the cheating taking place on their site. Ingram used his videos to point out the many flaws and loopholes at ACR which the poker room has been unable to detect. One of the main flaws highlighted was that poker bots were having a heyday at the card room by playing and winning almost a million hands using a 24 hour rotation system.



Joe Ingram has also called attention to the skins that allows multiple accounts, possible superusers to take advantage of their access to the site. He has pointed out possible colluders and algorithm loopholes that have been seating players at the same table in tournaments. These tournament loopholes have been a primary concern since they have been present for years and colluders have leveraged it to exploit unsuspecting poker players at ACR.

When Ingram released the videos, he received a mixed reaction from the poker community. Some players were not happy about the bad press he’s thrown against the site but there were others who applauded him for bringing out what was kept in the shadows for years. Some poker websites also consulted with Ingram on how to improve their own security measures.

WPN Finally Responds To Allegations

WPN’s CEO Phil Nagy has finally acknowledged the allegations made against ACR. In a statement, Nagy said that there really was an issue with the tournament seating program and ACR has finally introduced a hotfix to resolve the issue. While the hotfix has been rolled out silently, they emailed players who have been disadvantaged by the loophole to inform them of the fix.

Nagy’s response was highlighted by Ingram in a new video he posted this week, confirming that ACR has also finally taken action against the three bots he named in his videos. ACR has also started giving out refunds to players who have fallen victim to cheating, although one ACR player says he is now unable to access his account after the refunds were given out.


It looks like WPN’s actions have come a little too late since a number of players are now withdrawing support for the cardroom. The TwoPlusTwo poker magazine and forum has also retaliated against the WPN by banning all WPN advertisements and closing down the cardroom’s sub-forum on their site.

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