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March 21, 2014 August 3, 2018 Kate Gonda
March 21, 2014 by Kate Gonda

UK Poker TournamentsThere are so many online poker tournaments offered at online poker sites available every minute of the day to UK online poker players if we listed them all this web page would be a very long one indeed, however to enable you to dismiss the online poker tournaments that are not worth entering, below we have listed those poker tournaments that offer the best prize pools or that are structured in a very poker player friendly way.

Remember all of these listed UK poker tournaments are available to enter at any of our top 10 UK poker sites and as such you will not have to search high and low to find an online poker site at which to enter any of them!

  • Freeroll UK Poker Tournaments – To allow you to get to grips with the very unique way an online poker tournaments works and plays out we would suggest anyone who is new to play poker online enters as many freeroll poker tournaments as they have the time available to enter. These tournaments cost nothing to enter but real cash prizes can be won and they are a great way of getting an introduction to how poker tournaments are structured and at no risk!
  • Satellite Poker Tournaments – If you see a poker tournament that is listed as a Satellite Poker Tournament then when you take part in one of them you are not necessarily playing to win a cash prize, instead you are going to be given the chance of winning a direct and pre paid entry into a much larger and better paying poker tournament, may of these types of Satellite tournaments are free to enter so do look out for them online!
  • Network Wide Poker Site Tournaments – Probably the most rewarding online UK poker tournaments that you are going to find offered online, and by rewarding we mean those offering by far and away the biggest prize pools are those which are network wide poker tournaments.

    As many online poker sites use one poker networks and gaming platform then form time to time every poker site on that network will offer a huge paying poker tournament which is open and available to anyone with an account at any poker site on the network.

    So keep your eyes peeled for these types of networks wide poker tournaments for when they are up and running the prizes pools offered are huge and those finishing in one of the highest position on the tournament leader board can often find themselves winning a life changing amount of money!

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