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March 21, 2014 November 21, 2017 Paul Butcher
March 21, 2014 by Paul Butcher

Poker Game VariantsYou are going to find that the one major benefit to be had by moving your one time land based poker playing action over to one of top rated real money top 10 poker sites is going to become very apparent when you take a look at the sheer diversity of the poker games on offer.

Below we have listed a range of poker game variants that can be played online, and remember if you have never played any of the poker games before you will of course be able to test them out via the free play options available at all of our rated and approved poker sites at no risk!

  • Texas Hold’em – The one game that every single poker player will enjoy playing or will have played at one time or another is the game of Texas Hold’em Poker and every single poker site we have showcased on our website is going to offer several different playing structures on their version of the game including the very high risk No Limit variant!
  • Omaha Poker – You are going to find two unique variants of Omaha Poker on offer at our listed poker sites the first is the standard version which plays out to the usual playing rules, however the Omaha Hi Low variant is quite unique in as much as when you are playing it at the end of the game there are two pots up for grabs and one is awarded to the poker playing holding the highest valued poker ranked hand and the other is awarded to the player with the lowest ranked poker hand.
  • H.O.R.S.E Poker – Now one poker game variant that often appeals to poker players who know how many different poker games work and operate is the H.O.R.S.E Poker game variant, when it comes to a poker game that requires a full understanding of how many different poker games work and play and the strategy required to play all of them then it is this game that offers such a playing format.

    This game is in fact one which uses several different poker games and each new round played is therefore played with a different poker game variant in play, do have a look at our listed poker sites for many of them offer very helpful playing tips which will enable you to master the way this very unique poker game variant works and plays out, however it will take a look of getting used to if you are new to playing poker so be warned!

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