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January 14, 2015 August 3, 2018 Kate Gonda
January 14, 2015 by Kate Gonda

Coral Poker Connect CardThe Coral Poker site have their own unique system in place whereby if you are a real money player at their state of the art Poker site, you are going to be able to apply for their Connect Card, which is going to allow you to transfer money into your Coral Poker account over the counter at any of their huge number of land based betting shops.

Not only that but you are also going to be able to withdraw funds from your Coral Poker site account at any of their land based betting offices.

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Below is an overview of how the Coral Connect Card works and operates which is sure to be of interest to a lot of UK based Poker players!

1800+ Shops – Coral have one of the largest networks of land based betting shops, in fact with over 1800 of them in towns and cities across the UK out will never be far away from one of them, so accessing your winnings will be quick and easy!

Deposit or Withdraw – You are not only going to be able to withdraw winnings from your Coral Poker online account at one of the land based betting offices, so if you prefer to you can hand cash over the counter and they will then credit it to your poker account. This is an ideal option if you do not have or do not wish to use your bank debit card to fund your poker site account at Coral Poker.

Unique Promotional Offers – To give you an incentive to use the Coral Connect Card you are going to find that as a card holder you will be invited to take part in exclusive Coral Poker promotional offers that are not available to non-card holders!

Card Issued Instantly – If you wish to make use of and get a Coral Poker Connect Card simply visit your nearest Coral Betting shop and have a word with the staff on duty, they will be able to set you up with a Connect Card in just a couple of minutes!

Large Withdrawal Limit – When you visit any land based Coral betting shop office and want to make a withdrawal from your Coral Poker site account you can request up to £500 instantly. You are also able to deposit up to £5,500 in cash over the counter in a Coral Betting shop to have those funds instantly credited to your Coral Poker site account.

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