UK Players To Enter Grand Prix Mini With Low Buy-in

May 14, 2019 May 14, 2019 Kate Gonda
May 14, 2019 by Kate Gonda
partypoker LIVE: Grand Prix Mini

Whenever you have a guaranteed prize pool that s over 6 figures, the buy-ins are usually pretty steep. Partypoker and the Dusk Till Dawn casino are doing something different with their Grand Prix Mini.

They have decided to put up a £100,000K guaranteed prize pool but make the buy-in just £60 to allow as many poker players as possible to participate.

This will be a great opportunity for UK poker players to take part in this exciting poker tournament and walk away with a great payout.

The Grand Prix Mini will only be available to players with a partypoker account.

Players who are interested in taking part in this event will have to buy-in using their partypoker account. The £60 buy-in will be split with £50 being taken towards the buy-in and the remaining £10 will be the rake. Players who cashout at the Grand Prix will have their winnings transferred directly to their partypoker account.

The Grand Prix Mini will see a total of seven live flights and 5 online day 1s taking place. The online day1s started on May 12 and will run till May 16 while the live flights start from 17 May and will run till 19 May. To find out more details about the Grand Prix, do check out the Dusk Till Dawn website.

Players will start out Online day1s with 100k in chips and play 18 levels with each level set at 10 minutes. At the end of 18 levels, the chip count is calculated and players who have chips left in front of them move on to day 2 live.

The live flights also have a similar structure but instead of 10 minute levels, players will have 25 minute levels. The exception to this is the turbo structures on live Day1s which have only 16 levels of 15 minutes each.

Unlimited Re-entries  

Players will have an unlimited number of re-entries which allow them to play in as many Day 1 events as they wish. Do keep in mind that while you may progress to Day 2 in more than one event, you are only able to take the biggest chip count to Day 2.

partypoker players also have the chance to take advantage of the Golden Chip promotion during the Grand Prix Mini that rewards them a special package valued at $12,000 which allows them to play in any MILLIONS event they desire!

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