Partypoker’s Powerfest Ladies Event Takes Place On September 24

September 20, 2017 August 2, 2018 Paul Butcher
September 20, 2017 by Paul Butcher

Partypoker is running its exciting Powerfest online poker series which started on September 3 and is scheduled to end on September 24. The Powerfest tournament created a lot of interest in the online poker community as 330 online events where scheduled and a total of $35 million in guaranteed prize money was on the line.

Both the live poker and online poker markets have been dominated by male poker players and as a result, partypoker has decided to introduce a number of new events at both its live and online poker tournaments to bring in more female poker players.

Partypoker has scheduled a special $109 Powerfest Ladies event that will take place on September 24. This will be an exclusive ladies only event and will have $10,000 in guaranteed prize money.


Partypoker did not organize any specific online satellite events for its exclusive $109 Powerfest Ladies event and so far the response hasn’t been all that great, which means there will be significant overlays for the company but it is still a positive for female poker pros because the poor attendance also means that the competition is less and one female poker pro can walk away with a nice cash prize and get recognition for winning the $109 Powerfest Ladies event.

The company launched an exclusive ladies only event during its partypoker MILLIONS tournament which was held in April at the Dusk Till Dawn casino. Only 33 female poker players registered for the event and partypoker’s ladies event at the partypoker LIVE Grand Prix in Killarney also saw a poor turnout. The event was won by Elaine Maloney and she received very little publicity for her win and even the Hendon Mob did not update her page and include her win.

With less than 3 days left for the $109 Powerfest Ladies event, it is highly unlikely that partypoker will see an influx of female poker pro registrations. Female poker pros who cannot afford the $109 buy-in, can try to buy-in to the $22 mega-satellite events that are being hosted on the Partypoker website as it guarantees them a minimum of 20 $109 Powerfest tickets.

Partypoker has continued its campaign to attract female poker pros to its events by recently announced the launch of a new community called ‘partypoker ladies’. This is an exclusive community for female poker pros that will give them access to special poker events and social media tools to market themselves.

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