Jonathan Little Shares Key Tips To Be Successful In Poker

February 26, 2020 February 26, 2020 Paul Butcher
February 26, 2020 by Paul Butcher

Jonathan LittleThe key to a successful poker career is to never stop learning.

Poker is one of the most complex games in the world, requiring an ever-evolving strategy to keep pace with competition.

This means you need to enhance your skills and continue to practice and learn in order to improve your win rate.

4 Tips Which Could Benefit You In The Long Run

Poker pro Jonathan Little who is no stranger to giving advice dishes out some key tips that will benefit you in the long run. Here are four of them:

# Take Care of Your Mental Wellbeing

Poker is a mind sport. Winning or losing a game depends on the decisions you make at the table. Therefore, you need to nurture your mind in order to enhance your mental abilities.

Just like the athletes who follow a strict diet and exercise routine to maintain a healthy and fit body, you also need to ensure that your mind is clean and well-nourished. So as much as possible, stay away from alcohol and other harmful substances as they will only seriously affect your decision-making capabilities.

# Study The Better Players In Your Game

Each level of play requires different skills, which is why if you’re playing low to mid-stakes games, the best thing you can do is to study the best players within those levels.

For example, when you play, there will always be someone better than you. Study the strategies that make him or her a winnable player and adopt and apply those in your own gameplay.

# Lower Your Continuation Bet Percentage

During the old days of poker when a lot of players had tendencies to fold too often, it’s always a smart idea to continuation bet to nearly 100 percent of the time. But this is no longer the case nowadays.

Today, you must consider a number of factors: check whether your hand cannot actually resist aggression, whether the board is against your range, and whether the board does not cooperate with you in a multiway pot. This way, you can put limits into your continuation betting and avoid doing it with 100 percent of your range.

# Try To Make Sizable Bets More Often

Over the years, players have improved their skills and have learned to adapt so well. They now know how to deal with flop continuation bets and turn bets. But one thing that puts off a lot of players is when an opponent makes a significant river bet. They will easily have the perception that you have a strong hand.

So if you believe that the chances of you taking down a battle is too slim, be brave enough to double and triple barrel a lot. Remember, you can utilize your opponents’ mistakes to your own benefit.

After reading the following tips why not give them ago yourself on one of our real money poker sites, let us know if they make a difference to your game.

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