RunGood Poker Series Kicks Off Fourth Stop For This Year

August 1, 2016 August 1, 2018 Paul Butcher
August 1, 2016 by Paul Butcher

RunGood Poker SeriesThe RunGood Poker Series is expected to launch the second half of its 2016 season later this month. The fourth stop for the poker tour is expected to take place between August 19 and 21 and will once again take place at the again at the Horseshoe Council Bluffs.

This time around the RunGood Poker Series will have for the first time a $1,100 buy in for the Main Event. The Main Event will also introduce a new structure to make it more exciting. The tournament will include a number of exciting events and offer players a wide range of formats with great prizes. A “Shoot-Out” event is also being introduced for the first time for players to battle it out and decide who the best player at Horseshoe Council Bluffs is.

Apart from the prize money, a number of games will have additional prizes that are in keeping with the Summer Tailgate Party theme with Yeti Tumblers and Coolers, custom Tailgate Cornhole Set and a Bose Bluetooth speaker.

In a statement, Tana Karn of the RunGood Poker Series said,

We're excited to start off our second half of the RunGood Poker Series at Council Bluffs. As the summer draws to a close we'll be celebrating with Tailgate Party prizes alongside new tournaments! Our goal is to give players different ways to compete in the game they love

This is the third year of RunGood Poker Series, and is currently at the half way mark. There were six stops on the 2015 edition of the tournament and three in the inauguralyear of 2014. This year’s schedule kicks off with Thousandaire Tournament on August 17 followed by 6-Max $10,000 GTD Tournament on August 18. The first of the two satellite events for the Main Event is also scheduled for August 18 with the second one the next day. The initial starting flight for the Main Event is on August 19 while the second one is again scheduled for the following day. The Main Event and the Shoot Out are both scheduled for August 21.

The RunGood Poker Series has already completed three stops this year. The first was in April at Kansas City and Ryan Tepen won the tournament; the second was in May at the Hard Rock Tulsa and was won by Jeri Sieber and the third stop was at the Horseshoe Council Bluffs and was won by Chris Wicks.

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