Eddy Konarske Wins 2022 Wynn Millions Mystery Bounty For $222k

March 2, 2022 March 2, 2022 Doug Ramirez
March 2, 2022 by Doug Ramirez

Eddy KonarskeSummary

  • The latest mystery bounty tournament at Wynn was won by Eddy Konarske
  • The tournament awarded three $100K bounty prizes, and one of them was won in a bonus redraw
  • The exciting format continues to be popular among players

The 2022 Wynn Millions Mystery Bounty concluded on Sunday with Eddy Konarske crowned as the winner. The Colorado resident took home $222,000 in first-place prize following a heads-up deal with Oregon’s Rambo Halpern.

The seven other players who made the final table walked away with at least $27,468 in winnings after battling it out for four days. But Konarske and the rest of the final table weren’t the only big winners at the tournament as several players were lucky enough to draw between $500 and $100,000 in bounty prizes!

$100K Bounty Won Via Redraw

Wynn has been making headlines in recent months for hosting Mystery Bounty tournaments. The format has been a huge hit among US poker players, adding another level of thrill and excitement to the event. The mystery bounty element gives the player with the winning hand a chance to win huge prizes through a draw.

Back in October, truck driver Donald Nimneh became one of the biggest winners at the Wynn Fall Classic $2,200 Mystery Bounty event despite not making it to the final table. The 43-year-old was the lucky player who randomly pulled the tournament’s largest bounty prize worth $250,000.

On Sunday afternoon, another lucky player took home a six-figure bounty prize at the $1,600 buy-in Wynn Millions Mystery Bounty event. After being eliminated from the tournament, Hung Tran went to draw for a mystery prize.

The first envelope he pulled contained a $500 card but with a bonus redraw. In his second attempt, Tran pulled a $100,000 card much to his delight. Loud cheers from fellow players filled the room as tournament director Ray Pulford announced the prize.

Konarske Dominates Final Table

The tournament came with guaranteed prize money of $1.5 million but that figure was surpassed after a total of 2,103 entrants registered for the event, generating nearly $2 million in total prize pool.

Konarske and Halpern were the last two remaining players and both agreed to a chop. Konarske took home $222,000 in top prize, plus the $25,000 bounty prize he won earlier for a total payday of $260,072. Halpern walked away with $200,000 for his runner-up finish.

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