Cash Game Festival Tallinn Offers New Experience For Poker Players

November 10, 2017 August 2, 2018 Paul Butcher
November 10, 2017 by Paul Butcher

Cash Game Festival 2017 has one last stop to make before it closes and that will take place at the popular Olympic Park Casino in Estonia where it all began.

The Cash Game Festival stopped last month at the Village Green Card Club in Dublin, Ireland and had a great response.

The festival which was co-founded by Enri Orav and Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk has made it a habit in recent times to make a number of stops around the world in order to give poker players an opportunity to play cash games.

The tour which started out in 2014 in beautiful Estonia has now expanded to nine stops due to the response from around the world. The organizers do a number of things to make the festival unique and one of those is hosting a surprise party.

Cash Game Festival

The final stop at the Olympic Park Casino will also have a surprise party but the organizers are keeping things under wraps as they have something special planned for the final event of the tour. The Cash Game Festival will commence from November 15 and apart from the great events, players will also be able to enjoy themselves in Tallinn as there are a number of exciting activities such as a guided tour of Tallinn, sporting activities, welcome drinks and sumptuous dinners and the special VIP party.

The five-day festival will feature non-stop cash games for 120 straight hours. Low and high-rollers will be able to enjoy since many poker variants will be available for play, including pot-limit Omaha, Sviten Special, no-limit hold'em, super dealer's choice and more. A special ladies- only feature table will also be televised on the third day, which is a first in Cash Game Festival history.

Those who can’t come to the festival will be able to join the fun through the live online broadcast streaming on Twitch. Feature tables will be televised twice a day, which gives the players at the festival another opportunity to be on camera. Registration for the Cash Game Festival in Tallinn is still open at the Cash Game Festival website.

Poker players who have never visited Tallinn before will find the capital city of Estonia one of the best autumn holiday destinations in Europe. Tallinn’s Old Town hosts beautiful architecture and structures, reminiscent of the medieval times. The organizers have stated that they are thinking about adding more stops for 2018 and bringing it to a total of 12.

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