Computer or Tablet – Which is Better for Gambling

September 15, 2017 December 1, 2017 Paul Butcher
September 15, 2017 by Paul Butcher

Computer or Tablet – Which is Better for Gambling

The title is a little ambiguous since some people may get carried away by the word gaming.

In this article the emphasis is not on playing computer games (for which the phone is good enough) but the focus is on online poker games which have become a popular means of recreation.

The purpose of this article is to explore the comparative suitability of the PC and the tablet as far as participating in online gambling sessions is concerned. Now, it is prudent to clearly understand some aspects of the online poker sites.

The added advantage:

Traditional casinos have been places where you and your entire family can head to after a hard day’s work simply to relax. The atmosphere in the casino is lively and you can play Roulette or Bingo while there is music and laughter all around. You do not have to be professional gambler to enjoy in a casino.

Online casinos initially suffered due to the fact that they could not offer the ambience of a real casino. People played the online games from the comfort of their homes which was convenient but lacked the thrill, excitement and exuberance of a traditional casino.

Therefore, the convenience factor was undermined by a distinct loss of entertainment value. It didn’t take long for the online gaming industry to overcome this with the introduction of improved software which permitted 3D imagery and music together with powerful software from the likes of leading providers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Betsoft and many more. Online poker sites now have the ability to deliver the same experience as a real casino. While this still may be up for debate allow me to admit that the feel of a real thing obviously cannot be delivered online. Yet, if you are away from home or are travelling then the next best way to enjoy the poker room is to log into an online site for the next best entertainment.

Equipment you need:

Apart from connectivity through a PC or any of its substitutes, you need to also have 3-D specs and a proper headphone capable of delivering the full range of sound frequencies. In case you are away from home, in all probability, you will not have your PC with you and so the only way out is to check in with a portable gadget such as a laptop or tablet. When a PC is not readily available you may enjoy the real feel of the casino through your tablet; but the question is which one is better – PC or tablet. In order to understand that it will be necessary to understand some basic aspects of both i.e. the PC as well as the tablet. So without further ado and without being overly technical let’s try and make some sense of the pros and cons of each.

Understanding the difference:

The PC as well as the tablet has many things in common and very often it becomes difficult to distinguish which one is preferable. Superficially it may seem that tablet is better than a PC since it is much smaller and easy to handle. However, let us not jump to conclusions. The PC and the tablet have many components inside them. When it comes to a PC everything can be changed to improve its performance. The picture quality, the sound volume, the storage capacity and a host of other performance parameters can be changed for the better, which is technically known as ‘up-gradation’. 

You can buy the best graphics card and ultra-sleek speakers to turn up the volume as long as your budget permits. It’s easy. Since the components of a PC are distinct in nature it is much easier to repair and maintain your PC which is not true when it comes to your tablet. The parts of the PC that wear out faster i.e. the keyboard and the mouse can be easily replaced which is a little difficult when it comes to a tablet. On the other hand the tablet is more or less fixed and in case you desire to have any significant improvement then you will have no option but to choose a higher model.

The PC is capable of doing everything which a tablet can do but the reverse cannot be said to be true. The tablet comes with a severe limitation of being a little restricted in repair and maintenance. On the flip side is the fact that the PC is virtually not movable and the tablet is designed to be carried around. So, even if you are within your den you have to park yourself in front of the PC while the tablet allows you to get gaming even on your bed.

Summing up:

When it comes to online gaming, players basically look for a refreshing and enjoyable experience. There is no doubt that a PC is capable of delivering the best experience in a particular situation. When there is any innovative hardware addition available in the market to enhance and improve your gaming experience then that component can be mounted onto the PC which is not possible with a tablet in the usual situation. There is no reason for you to economize on facilities which would deliver a better level of satisfaction from a gaming session. Therefore, it can be concluded that when both the PC and the tablet is available to you it is recommended that you play on the PC for a higher level of satisfaction. When you are left with no other option, i.e. when you are on the move, all you need is to fire up your tablet and get involved in an online gaming session. The experience may not be as good as the PC but then it is a much better way of spending time than cursing your luck and the blunder you made in selecting a particular airline.

For the moment PCs still continue to rule when it comes to gaming. Who knows where technology will lead us a few years down the line. Until then make the most of both the gadgets depending on how mobile or immobile you are.

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