Streamer Arlie Shaban Accepts Challenge From ‘Poker Gods’

September 11, 2018 September 11, 2018 Kate Gonda
September 11, 2018 by Kate Gonda

Arlie ShabanPoker players are known to be very competitive and the top ones never back down from a challenge.

Arlie Shaban has shown these traits over a long period of time and his most recent challenge was proof of this. It wasn’t too long ago that Shaban challenged himself to show off his poker playing skills via live stream for 50 consecutive days. He later upped the ante by setting his goal at 1,000 hours which he met after streaming for 125 straight days on Twitch.

The Team Run It Up streaming fanatic has now been presented with a new set of challenges from the “Poker Gods”.

Shaban got the message from the Poker Gods on Sunday which explains that he has been challenged with the “12 Labours of Arlie” which is a reference to Greek mythology’s “12 Labours of Hercules”. The letter, which was later posted on the PokerStars blog, says that the Poker Gods want to see if Arlie is worthy of poker and streaming immortality. It goes on to say that Arlie will be confronted with 12 epic tasks.

Shaban Will Need to Decode Clues

Many of the challenges will likely require more than streaming and poker ability. The message explained that some tasks will be easy while others will be quite difficult. Some of them may seem obvious but the letter makes it clear that some of his labours will be so complex that he may not know how to start out on them. The letter informed Shaban that the mythical 12 Labours of Hercules should provide him both clues and inspiration and that PokerStars will also provide assistance with some of the tasks.

His success with these challenges will determine his fate in deciding whether he can go down as a poker streaming wizard or if he is just another one of the many poker streamers out there. The cryptic message also said that the Poker Gods have the authority to occasionally mess with him since they are the challengers.

Mysterious Message Came Out of the Blue

Arlie was streaming his play on Sunday when the mysterious message from PokerStars Support appeared as a popup (01:28). Arlie read the message to his Twitch audience and immediately accepted the challenge. Now Shaban’s epic journey begins and a lot of his followers are eager to see what it is all about. While we are not sure what the tasks will involve, one thing we can be sure that it will make for some great entertainment.

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