EPT Releases Schedule For 2024 With First Stop In Paris, France

November 22, 2023 November 22, 2023 Paul Butcher https://plus.google.com/116893384630351018637
November 22, 2023 by Paul Butcher

European Poker TourSummary:

  • The full schedule for the 2024 EPT was released by PokerStars
  • The first stop for the EPT in 2024 will be at Paris, France
  • The 2024 EPT will also make its return to Cyprus in October

PokerStars has wasted no time in releasing its European Poker Tour (EPT) schedule for 2024 to enable poker players to plan their travel schedule well in advance to attend the different stops of the EPT.

2024 EPT Will Start With Stop In Paris

PokerStars has confirmed 5 stops for the 2024 EPT which includes the tour returning to Paris and Cyprus. The first stop of the EPT in 2024 will be at the Le Palais des Congres from Feb 14 to 25. Le Palais des Congres is a big venue and can accommodate up to 120 poker tables.

EPT Paris held its first ever tournament in 2023 and based on the success of the tour, the EPT decided to open up 2024 with a stop in Paris, France. The Associate Director for Live Events and Operations, Cedric Billot decided to go with a new venue in 2024 as he expects EPT Paris to set a new record in EPT history.

Billot said that they took player feedback after the 2023 EPT Paris stop and decided to make significant improvements which included changing the location, increasing the capacity for the event and working on speeding up player registrations. Based on the changes made, Billot is confident that the 2024 EPT Paris stop will see a record number of players in attendance.

PokerStars is already running multiple satellite events for EPT Paris along with providing players 3 different Power Path passes to enter the tournament.

2024 EPT – Remaining 4 Stops

The second leg of the EPT tour will be at EPT Monte-Carlo from April 29 to May 5. The EPT will then take a short break and then return with EPT Barcelona from Aug 26 to Sep 8. The fourth stop will see the EPT return to Cyprus from Oct 9 to 20. EPT Cyprus took place for the first time in 2023 and turned out to be a great event for the EPT, prompting the tour to return in 2024.

The 5th and final stop of the EPT will be EPT Prague as it closes out the year from Dec 4 to 15.

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