Ali Imsirovic Remains “Mum” on GGPoker Ban & Cheating Allegations

April 19, 2022 April 19, 2022 Kate Gonda
April 19, 2022 by Kate Gonda

Almedin "Ali" ImsirovicSummary

  • Alex Foxen claims Ali Imsirovic was banned by GGPoker and cheated during SHRB
  • Imsirovic is allegedly a noted cheater in high roller games
  • Imsirovic has yet to respond to the allegations

Another cheating controversy has rocked the poker world, this time involving Almedin “Ali” Imsirovic. Alex Foxen recently exposed the Bosnian poker pro’s alleged cheating activities, saying he is widely known as a cheater in the high roller circuit but most players choose to stay silent.

Over the weekend, Alex Foxen accused Imsirovic of cheating both live and online through a tweet in which he also revealed that the 27-year-old is currently banned from GGPoker for using multiple accounts and real-time assistance (RTA). The two-time Global Poker Index Player of the Year also claimed he himself had witnessed Imsivoric’s suspicious plays and his potential collusion with players known to have links with him.

Imsirovic also cheats at live tournaments, according to Foxen. He detailed how the young poker pro carried out his shady practices during the Super High Roller Bowl (SHRB) tournament. Foxen alleged that Imsirovic looked down at Paul Phua’s hole cards in a hand that he eventually won. Foxen backed his claims with a series of screenshots and actual footage. On the next day, Imsirovic returned with sunglasses on, apparently to conceal his rubbernecking, Foxen claimed.

As to the GGPoker ban issue, some players questioned Foxen’s claim saying his statements will remain as speculations in the absence of concrete proof. Foxen responded by saying he could not provide the proof but he’s 100% sure Imsirovic has been blacklisted on GGPoker, a claim supported by fellow pro Matt Berkey who said some reputable sources did confirm that Imsirovic has been banned from the online poker site for using RTA.

Imsirovic Yet to Respond

Some commenters agreed there could be some truth to the GGPoker ban, as SharkScope has no longer been recording Imsirovic’s online results since GGPoker terminated several accounts for using RTA.

Foxen said there should be no place for cheating in the high-stakes arena and across all levels in general, and that illicit activities should be called out more often.

Foxen, who is among the Top 30 all-time highest poker earners, was also previously hit with collusion allegations alongside his wife Kristen Bicknell. Foxen and Imsirovic are both frequently seen taking part in some of the biggest games both live and online.

As of this writing, there has been no word yet from Imsirovic about Foxen’s claims. GGPoker has also yet to issue a statement on whether Imsirovic was indeed banned from the site.

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